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Goooo Soccer! (Again!)

Today we had the GYSA tournament in soccer and we won out of all of the counties!!! We got the most points scored out of all of them! Once again my team won the tournament but now we have to go to finals next week for 3 games, which my team won last year and got this trophy


The best part is, I scored the only two goals which made us win!!! Yay!!!

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Goooo soccer!

Hey! I wanted
to let everyone know that my soccer team and I won the two games we played! I scored a goal!!!
Yyyaayy!! Now we have another game tomorrow at 6:45, which is realy early!!! I will send you a pic of my trophy if we win the tournament!!!! See ya!

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Kickboxing + Soccer + Softball

Oh my goodness!!! I am completely loaded with sports this week!!! I have soccer on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Softball on Monday, Tuesday, And Saturday, and Kick Boxing on Wednesday And Thursay!!! Give me a break world :O

The geek diaries ❤