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The Hunger Games!!! Just Saw It!!!

!!!!!!! I just saw The Hunger Games!!! It is the best movie that I have ever seen in my life!!! It was soooo good and the best part is… I am going to go see it with my friend tomorrow too!!! Eek!!! I totally reccomend ANYONE to go see it!!! Can’t tell you what happens or how it ends but if you REALY want to know leave a question in the comments box and if you don’t want to know dont look (: See ya!

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The Hunger Games!

Oh my gosh!!! Going to go see The Hunger Games movie tomorrow at 3:15!! I already bought my tickets and I just CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT!!! Here are some notes I read about it in the newspaper…
1. Rated pg-13.
2 Rated a B+.
3. Is 142 minutes long!
4. Madge won’t be in it.

The geek diaries ❤ (:

The Hunger Games

Ok, so I just woke up from the wierdest dream! As some people may know, I love The Hunger Games and I am siked to see the movie soon… I just can’t find any other good books I like any more… Any suggestions!?!?!! Anyways, I had a dream that I met Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale ( My favorite character in the movie! ) It was awesome! I got his autograph but ended up losing it so I was sad ); Then I woke up and realized it was fake and got even more upset… I realy want to meet Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), and of course Gale!!! (Liam Hemsworth). I just can’t wait to see it. Not a day since December has gone by without me thinking about The Hunger Games!!! I watch the two trailors three times each everyday!!! Anyone bought the tickets yet!? (:

The geek diaries ❤

My first blog!

Hey it’s Amanda! Welcome to wordpress! Ok, so this is my first blog and I just wanted to say hi! I realy hope that you enjoy my website and have alot of fun! I didn’t want to just make a random blog about someone that nobody cares about so I am just gonna start a trending topic that everyone does or should love… The Hunger Games! If you love The Hunger Games, comment on your favorite character or seen un the comments box! Anyways, bye!

The Geek Diaries (: ❤