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Hey ya’ll!!! I was realy bored so I decided to make a list of ten things to do when you’re bored… Enjoy!!!
1. Pretend that every piece of furniture around you is a monster and run away from it like crazy!!!
2. Draw circles around ants with chalk, they hate the feel of chalk on their feet so they are trapped inside the circle!
3. Go on thegeekdiaries.com!!! :D:D:D
4. Draw you’re own version of a cross between an giraffe and a hippo!
5. Do something random and spontaneous every ten seconds such as spazz out your arm!
6. Try to fall asleep standing up! ZZZ
7. Attempt a flying sidekick!
8. Turn on the t.v and no matter what show you are watching, whenever the main character starts talking, scream in horror to turn it off every time!
9. Stop reading this list… LOL Jk!
10. Follow number 9. Jk!!!
Therealnumberten. If you have a cat, lift it up and act like the lion king…