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The Hunger Games

Ok, so I just woke up from the wierdest dream! As some people may know, I love The Hunger Games and I am siked to see the movie soon… I just can’t find any other good books I like any more… Any suggestions!?!?!! Anyways, I had a dream that I met Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale ( My favorite character in the movie! ) It was awesome! I got his autograph but ended up losing it so I was sad ); Then I woke up and realized it was fake and got even more upset… I realy want to meet Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), and of course Gale!!! (Liam Hemsworth). I just can’t wait to see it. Not a day since December has gone by without me thinking about The Hunger Games!!! I watch the two trailors three times each everyday!!! Anyone bought the tickets yet!? (:

The geek diaries ❤


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  1. Lol..Liam Hemsworth …not Hawthrone. I love him too! But I’m soo on team Peeta cause Ive always loved Josh Hutcherson <33 🙂 I can't wait till the Hunger Games! Do you think it will be more popular than twilight?? …and I read a lot so I could suggest books to you just tell me what genre you prefer:)


    • Thank you! I will fix the correction hehe, Gale Hawthrone Liam Hemsworth (: I love Peeta too!!!!! I like reading too and I will do with any genre, but I realy am into Fantasy and realistic fiction!
      Thanks for commenting!

      The Geek Diaries ❤

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